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The Guide to Senior Living Referral Services

The Guide to Senior Living Referral Services

In an ideal world, you’d have plenty of time to choose the best senior living community for your parents. That would include time to make multiple visits to each place you’re considering, to get a strong sense of what life

Senior Care News: Service Dogs and Dementia Patient Care

You are likely aware of service dogs that have been trained to provide assistance to the blind or those who are hard of hearing. Additionally, you may have heard of therapy dogs that work with patients with various forms of

Mapping the Shifts in Senior Housing News

If you are like most people who do not work in the senior housing industry, you may be unaware of the ways in which senior housing options have changed in recent years. No longer just an “old folks home”, assisted

Senior Care and the Sandwich Generation

If you are an adult still handling the responsibilities of raising children while also trying to provide caring for an aging parent or other family member, you land squarely in what is referred to as the Sandwich Generation. Torn between

Expert Interview Series: Charles Lowe of About Technology for Caregivers of the Elderly

Charles Lowe is the Managing Director of the Digital Health & Care Alliance, where he ensures that the voice of digital health SMEs and startups is heard loud and clear in government and health care organizations. Charles sat down with

Suffering from Caregiver Burnout? Why Assisted Living May be the Best Solution

It is safe to say that almost everyone who is providing care for a loved one experiences some level of stress. However, in some cases, unaddressed caregiver stress can become caregiver burnout, a much more dangerous issue for both the

How Exercise Improves Senior Living

It is a given that everyone needs to engage in some form of exercise to enjoy good health and physical fitness. Researchers have repeatedly demonstrated the connection between appropriate levels of exercise and physical health. However, for those over the

Help! Mom’s Assisted Living Community is Closing Down!

The vast majority of people who make a move into assisted living intend to stay put there as they live out the remainder of their lives. Indeed, one of the many benefits of assisted living is that there are generally

Expert Interview Series: Matt Carey of Abaris Financial On Annuity Insurance And Preparing For Retirement

Matt Carey is the CEO of Abaris Financial, a technology platform that has made the annuity buying process simple and transparent. Matt also writes a regular column on He previously was a policy advisor at the US Treasury Department

Senior Care Alert: Some Causes of Dementia are Reversible!

If your loved one seems to be more forgetful than usual, has difficulty thinking of the correct words, or suffers a sudden shift in mood or behavior, your first worry may be that he or she is exhibiting early signs

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